Given that the property is nestled between two hotspots, namely Galle and Unawatuna, you will have plenty of things to do around the property. Browse through the details below and we will be happy to make arrangements for exploring the area.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage protected city, Galle is rich in its culture and history dating back to 400 years. From narrow cobbled streets, to extremely fascinating architecture, it truly is a very vibrant town to explore! There are many activities that you can be part which are popular across both locals and tourists which range from visiting the moonstone mines, to seasonal whale watching, to cycling and scuba diving. The town is also a shopper’s haven with delicate lacework, glittering jewelries and boutique handicrafts available at the street shops by the side of the narrow roads in Galle Fort. If you are here on a longer stay in Galle, make sure you take the time to visit the fort, old Dutch town and the surrounding area.

Some of the other highlights in and around the area include:

    Galle Fort

    Built by the Dutch in 18th century, the heavily fortified walls have now become a popular tourist attraction. It has now been transformed into trendy shops, cafes and restaurants. Other attractions include the lighthouse along the coast, the Dutch-reformed church and the Flag rock where you could witness young men jump into the ocean through the dangerously narrow gap. To avoid busy streets, make sure to visit Galle Fort in the morning. Still, we like to recommend an afternoon walk so you aren’t going to miss the sunset.

    Pristine beaches with along with surfing

    Our property is located just 400 meters away from Southern coast of Sri Lanka. Over here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful stretch of the island’s picturesque beaches. In addition, Sri Lanka is rated as one of the best spots for surfing. As such, we have partnered with a surfing school to give you the opportunity to experience this first-hand. We have made arrangements for renting surfboards, and booking surf lessons and tours at attractive rates. Do let us know should you require help getting to the closest beach and surf spot.

    Rumassala Medicinal Forest

    This area is rich in medicinal plants and a short hike through the forest can be truly enriching. Learn about the mystical stories and legends attached to this attraction. On top of the hill is a Buddhist dagoba built by monks from Japan. It also provides great views across the Galle Bay.

    Shop for local crafts

    Stride through the narrow streets of Galle which hosts a wide range of handicrafts and local artisans. It’s a wonderful place to learn traditional Sri Lankan craft and has plenty of other similar products which are worth exploring.

    Spend a relaxing time at Unawatuna

    Unawatuna is home to beautiful beaches and is a very popular town in the region. Just 5 kilometers away from our property, soak yourself in the tropical climate by spending time at the luscious shores of Unawatuna. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and spend a relaxing time with your friends and family.

    Boat riding at Madu River

    Along the Southern coast of the island is a swampy marshland covered in mangrove forests. Explore the 61-hectare forest to witness various species of mangroves and the wildlife that depends on it. The river safari gives a visitor a chance to travel through secretive passages of the mangroves which can be a very exciting experience indeed.

    Turtle Hatchery

    You could visit one of the many turtle hatcheries around the area. These are mainly set up by locals who’s aim is to conserve the various species some of which are endangered. Our staff should be able to advice you on the hatchery that you could visit.

    Whale Watching

    Fancy watching the whales and dolphins at sea? We have teamed up with professionals to provide you a tour to watch these majestic sea mammals. Experience the luxury of getting onboard a passenger vessel that is equipped to explore the beautiful territorial waters of Sri Lanka while having close encounters with the whales and spinning dolphins. The tour generally starts at 6:30 AM and goes on till about 2:00 PM. Should you be interested in the tour, just inform one of our staff and we’ll take care of the rest